About Mother Mentors

The Mission of Mother Mentors is to nurture parents and other caregivers of young
children by offering emotional and practical support.

Our Mission and Values: 

The Vision of Mother Mentors Whidbey Island is for all families of young children on the island to feel supported and connected to each other and to their community.

The Mission of Mother Mentors is to nurture parents and other caregivers of young children by offering emotional and practical support.

Core Values: We believe the strength of families emanates from parents and their convictions. Parents are their children’s first and most important teacher.

We believe how we do the work of supporting families is as important as what we do. By embracing these values, we contribute to a healthy organization and healthy, positive family life in our community.

We value:

The importance of healthy, positive relationships, including

  • A commitment to family in our work and in staff work-life balance
  • The strength and beauty of the parent–child relationship and the recognition that the first years of life are critical to a child’s positive growth and development
  • An acknowledgement that there are opportunity gaps for many young children and families based on race, ethnicity, gender, income, ability, culture, and geography. We commit to eliminating these gaps and addressing the root causes. We commit to approaching our work with a sense of cultural humility and inclusion.

We are committed to quality and excellence in our work through

  • Consistent and authentic collaboration
  • Respectfulness, inclusiveness and diversity
  • Integrity, Honesty and Transparency
  • Optimism and a willingness to take risks to encourage Innovation
  • Accountability to ourselves, our families and our community


Mother Mentors is focused on reducing stress and strengthening families. By building relationships and creating community, we create a network of support for Whidbey Island families with young children.

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Commitment to Diversity

Working with infants, children, and families requires us to reflect on our own culture, values, and beliefs and the impact that racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and other systems of oppression have on our lives. We recognize social forces in society conspire to interfere with some groups of children and families' capacity to thrive. We at Mother Mentors understand the need to expand our professional ability and deepen our work with families by increasing awareness and developing intentional action for individual, organizational, and systemic change.

We commit to shaping programs, systems, and policies to support all children and families. We believe diversity is a strength. We understand this work is ongoing. We are committed to becoming better listeners to the voices and concerns of people of color and those from non-traditional family structures to further our understanding of how to combat disparities and better support all families in our community.