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Curiosity Picture Book Round Up

By Tasha Miller 📚Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite picture books to inspire inquiry and celebrate curiosity! Come by Playscape and see a specially curate selection of books all about wonder and meet other families while we play & learn!   Press Here by Herve Tullet Harness the power of imagination and interactivity: […]

Inquiry Questions Post

Modeling Inquiry for Children

By Tasha Miller Young children are our most naturally curious community members. They try to understand the world around them by exploring through their senses, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling. They love to take things apart and repeat the same experiment over and over to explore how and why things work. As caregivers, we […]


Let’s Talk About Matrescence

Let’s talk about Matrescence by Tasha Miller While in our culture there is much focus and preparation dedicated to pregnancy and welcoming a new baby, there is often little support provided to women as they give birth to themselves – as a mother. Matrescense, a term coined by Dana Raphael, Ph.D. (1973), refers to the […]



By Teresa Renee Bain It may be hard to imagine living in an empty, quiet house if there are children in your home. Children and all their toys, blankets, books, snacks, shrieks, laughter, demands, and never-ending curiosity. As a mom with young children, I remember being bone tired as I attempted to juggle so many […]